Trustee good governance course

Monday 6 August 2018

A trustee of any charity has a responsibility to ensure their charity is being managed correctly.

Ensuring that a person knows of their responsibilities as a trustee is very important, ignorance is not a defence to the likes of the Charities Commission and other regulatory bodies.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to offer trustees in the South West a good one days training course in their responsibilities and good governance.

These costly courses are usually in London or out of the South West making them very time consuming to travel to, often including overnight accommodation.

The John Casson Foundation is organising a one-day trustees’ course to include responsibilities and good governance.

The course is being held at the China Fleet Club, Plymouth on Friday 14th September.

The course will be conducted by Dorothy Dalton a highly regarded tutor in the charity sector and the author of many guides and articles on governance of charities.

The cost per delegate to include lunch, tea and coffee is £80 with represents very good value.

The course open  to charities across the South West who would like their trustees to attend and benefit.

Places are limited so if you would like to book a place please contact Alice Edmonds by email