You do not have to be a registered charity or an official organisation to qualify for consideration for the John Casson Foundation’s support, nor is the foundation obliged to give reason why it would not agree support.

If you would like to apply for support from the foundation then please complete the form below which will be submitted to the board of trustees for consideration.

Application for support:

1. We would like to know who you are

First Name:


Organisation name:


2. In no more than 150 words, please provide a brief summary of your organisation and what you do (i.e aims, what services you provide etc.):

3. Details of any relevant websites that provide further information:

4. In no more than 150 words, please provide brief details of the project, or work, you are seeking support for:

5. How much sponsorship are you seeking from the foundation:

6. What date (if any) do you need the support by:

7. Your contact details:

Contact number:

Your email

Postal address:

I confirm that by submitting this application I am authorised to do so by the organisation name in it and that all information given is to the best of my knowledge accurate.

The foundation will consider the above and respond accordingly.

Should you have any queries before applying you are welcome to contact John Casson.

The John Casson Foundation reserves the right to decline an application without giving a reason.