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Families for Children (FFC) places children from across the UK into loving and secure homes within Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, including the Isles of Scilly. All of the children FFC places have suffered various forms of trauma, physical abuse and neglect. FFC offer a unique and vital lifetime of support to children and families and provide a recovery plan for each child.

In 2017 FFC took the bold, pioneering step to create the first ‘Centre of Excellence’ in adoption support services in the UK. Every child they place now has the earliest intervention and assessment from a multidisciplinary team to create a tailor-made recovery plan. The abuse and neglect of early years does not manifest for at least four years after placement, and FFC’s support means a child can truly become a valued member of society rather than face a life of crime, becoming homeless or becoming addicted to drugs/alcohol.

The John Casson Foundation has supported FFC for many years but most recently provided them with a donation to help with the costs of a respite weekend for families who have adopted children through their services.

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